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Vaping Is Not Tobacco


“Vaping Is Not Tobacco” is a new initiative backed by the tobacco company Imperial Brands and supported by a number of European vape organisations and businesses. Its aim is to get European legislators to remove vaping from the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The initiative includes two key steps.

The list of organisations supporting “Vaping Is Not Tobacco”:

  • Koora Elektronické Kouřeni (KELK) – Czech Republic
  • France Vapotage – France
  • BfTG – Germany
  • ANPVU – Italy
  • LIAF – Italy
  • AIV – Romania
  • VdeH – Germany
  • UNIEcig – Italy
  • Villanypára Egyesület – Hungary
  • Greek Vapers Club – Greece
  • Greek Association of Traders of Vaping - Greece
  • NNA Sweden - Sweden
  • COIV - Italy
  • Hall Of Vape (International Vaping Exhibition) – Germany
  • Vapitaly (International Vaping Exhibition) – Italy

  • Vapexpro (International Vaping Exhibition) – Greece


“Vaping Is Not Tobacco” explains that the problem is that a number of European institutions and several European governments treat vaping products as though it falls under a tobacco products umbrella – something that is clearly erroneous.

It states: “This confusion, fuelled in part by misleading research and uncritical media coverage, may mislead smokers who are looking for a less risky alternative to smoking. Indeed, a growing number of academics and public health bodies are concluding that vaping products are much less harmful than smoking. Independent research suggests that a switch from smoking to vaping could provide significant public health benefits.”

“The United Kingdom's Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England, for example, have concluded that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than smoking. So far, European regulators have failed to seize the opportunity to convince millions of smokers to switch to vaping products, improving public health and potentially saving billions of euros in societal costs.”

“Vaping Is Not Tobacco” asks for your help to convince regulators to fight the fog around vaping products and make it easier for European smokers to switch to vaping by eliminating some of the most restrictive tobacco-style regulation such as restrictions around the points of sale and the application of tobacco-style excises.

They don’t want no regulations, just the application of common sense to implement smart laws.

“Vaping Is Not Tobacco” pushes two steps. Firstly, it is seeking sigantures to the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI). The ECI is a process that allows normal people across Europe to demand a change in the way vaping (or any other subject) is regulated.

“We need one million signatures to create this change. Our ECI demands the European Union to create a unique regulatory framework which separates vaping products from tobacco ones. Exercise your democratic right by joining us!”

The second step is to take part in a grassroots campaign. This bit requires citizens to contact their MEPs to educate them and enlist their support for change.

“So do not just sign, but make your voice heard!”

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