WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Beat the Ban at Totally Wicked


Are you a menthol cigarette smoker? Do you know someone who is? Read on…

As of May, 20th all menthol cigarettes will be banned in the UK. This includes standard menthol cigarettes, clicks and flavoured rolling tobacco. If you’re a menthol smoker, dual user of menthol cigarettes and e-cigarettes or know a menthol smoker, don’t worry, because we’ll tell be telling you how to Beat the Ban with these quick tips.

Totally Wicked’s ethos is empowering smokers to transform their lives, so we are well-equipped with everything needed to help menthol smokers switch over to e-cigarettes. From outstanding customer service support and advice to the highest quality hardware and e-liquids, Totally Wicked aims to make the transition to e-cigarettes as seamless as possible. 

In these 7 hints and tips aimed at menthol smokers, or vapers who know menthol smokers and want to pass on some life changing advice, we hope to dispel your menthol ban angst while reducing your risk to health and freeing up a whole lot of cash for that post-lockdown holiday you’re planning. Whether you’re a menthol smoker yourself or want to help out a friend who is, follow these guidelines and it should be a breeze.

  • Pick the perfect menthol e-liquid

Simply put, if you prefer smoking menthol cigarettes, you’re likely to prefer a menthol e-liquid. However, unlike cigarettes there’s a broad spectrum of menthol e-liquid concoctions and combinations. Whether you go for straight up menthol, mint menthol or spearmint menthol; or opt for a fruit favour with a menthol kick, you’re sure to find your perfect match in one of Totally Wicked’s 9 ranges of fluid. 

  • Pick the right e-cigarette 

E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes with countless features, niches and quirks. This can be daunting if you’re just starting out but our e-cigarette chooser should help to simplify things. Simplify fill in your preferences and find your ideal kit. You may be suited to a pre-filled pod, a starter kit or an intermediate kit; everybody’s different and has different needs so we strive to cover them all. 

  • Up your nicotine strength

This point is particularly directed at dual users (those who flip between electronic and traditional cigarettes). If you find yourself experiencing cigarette cravings at certain trigger points then go for a higher nicotine strength. For example, you may crave a menthol cigarette when you have a few glasses of wine. If you have some higher strength e-liquid available then you can simply switch to this bottle to curb your enhanced cravings.

  • Have back up vaping supplies

Virtually all newsagents, convenience stores and supermarkets sell cigarettes, and many all through the night. It’s therefore easy to just nip to the local shop to pick up a 20 deck if your atomizer burns, your tank glass smashes or you run out of e-liquid. You may think “I’ll just have one pack until I can get some vaping supplies” but one pack leads to two and next thing you know your back smoking full time. It’s therefore a good idea to always have a few spare atomizers, replacement glass and enough e-liquid to stop you relapsing. A great way to make sur you always have e-liquid is by signing up to Club Wicked, our e-liquid subscription service.

  • Ask us for help

This is arguably the most important point on this list. The Totally Wicked customer service team are NCSCT trained (National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training) so can help you on every step of your stop smoking journey. New vapers may experience small technical issues which can often be fixed in a matter of seconds. However, many simply stick their e-cig in the drawer and return to e-cigs, which is not the answer. Contact us on live chat, by phone, email or social media and the team will be happy to help with any queries no matter how daft they may seem.

  • Make the switch with a friend or family member

Just like anything in life, support from somebody close to you will help will you along. Maybe you’re a dual user and your brother still exclusively smokes menthol cigarettes, for example. You could both make a vow to ditch the cigarettes for good and support each other along the way. A bit of healthy competition and vaping camaraderie is always a good thing and gives that extra bit of motivation to quit for good. 

  • Track your savings

Think about how much you spend on cigarettes each day. If you smoke 20 a day you’re probably spending around £10 a day on cigarettes. That’s more than £3500 a year on a habit that is doing you no good whatsoever. The average vaper spends less than £400 on supplies so you can save over £3000 when you make the switch. If you’re deciding whether to switch to vaping or switch to normal tobacco cigarettes after the ban, just think about what you could spend £3000 on, in a year’s time.

We hope this has put your mind at ease. Whilst the banning of menthol cigarettes may be a stressful time for you, it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help and support you every step of the way so be sure to contact us.

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